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Most of your questions are answered here

Yes. You can preview a course by visiting the following link:

CIA P1 – Mandatory Guidance Preview Lecture

Its easy. To take a free or a paid course, please follow the steps below:

  • “Create a New Account” through the following link;

  • Once you have created your account, please complete your profile and enjoy watching the sample or paid videos.

A course includes lectures on different topics, which includes videos, slides, some screenshots and exam-focused notes.

Yes. For only paid courses, we have included few practice questions which you must attempt at the end of each lecture to evaluate your understanding. Extensive practice will be done in the LIVE classes only.

Definitely, but please DON’T FORGET to mention you correct cell number (with country code) in the registration form! Otherwise, you will miss many critical things and quick support.

We are not leaving you alone. All the courses are a hybrid of recorded and LIVE (one-one, online) lectures.

  • There is. Once you buy a course, the related course plan (along with the schedule) will be shared with you by your Instructor.
  • According to this course plan and schedule, the whole course (s) will proceed.
  • Everything or anything you want ask and learn. It’s that simple.
  • These LIVE classes have two parts. In first part, the Instructor will ask you about your problems and will clear your concepts related to any topic.
  • In the second part, the Instructor will guide you how to approach the Qs and will share general and specific exam techniques so as to enable you to pass the exam in first go.
  • LIVE (online) classes are normally held on Fridays and Saturdays (unless there is real need for extra classes).
  • Since candidates from different parts of the world or from different time zones are joining us, we select a time that suits all.
  • The final time will be agreed between you and your Instructor.

Minimum it’s 1.5 hours but it may go up to longer hours as per the requirement.

We use Zoom, Google meetings and /or MS (Microsoft) Teams for live classes. So, if you currently don’t have, please download Zoom and MS Teams on your mobile devices or PCs / Laptops.

In such a case, please follow these steps:

  • Sign out from “My Account”.
  • Before closing your browser, clear all the cache and clear all cookies.
  • Close and reopen the browser and it will work.

If it is still not working, send us an email to;

[email protected]

We are here to support you.

The hours can vary depending on the course which you are taking. The recorded lectures vary from 25 to 60 hours. Hours during LIVE lectures (online class) are not included in these hours, which can vary from 16 to 40 hours (again depending on course)

Sorry about this. Fee once paid cannot be refunded. But we do understand that there may be some circumstances where you are unable to continue the course. In case of real need, we can freeze your account for the time being and later you can access your purchased course by sending us a request on [email protected]

Please note that the second-time access will be granted only for the remainder period of your time (out of 120 days) and only one-extra access can be granted, provided we have established your real need.

Also, we will request you to provide sufficient evidence to establish the appropriateness of your need if you are discontinuing. Therefore, describe valid reason and share related supporting documents for our review.

No. This is not transferable to anyone.

No. These videos will remain available for your view up to 120 days (i.e. 4 months), therefore there is no need to download. Full time support will be available in case you face any issue in streaming the videos.

No. Firstly, we TRUST YOU that you won’t share your login details because you are Good and Ethical Person.

Secondly, (and most importantly) YOU have paid for these videos for YOUR self and for YOUR career progression, for YOUR career uplift, not for others. There are many other ways you can help your friends / fellows. If anyone wants to have access, he /she can buy directly from our website. It’s that simple.

Lastly, these videos are Copyrighted. No part of it can be shared/gifted or sold. Otherwise, legal repercussions may come into action.

Yes, you can access and enjoy learning from different devices.

No. There is no app for these courses because our website can be accessed through any smart device.

No. We do not issue any kind of certificate and therefore it can’t be used towards CPE credit.

Yes, we do offer discounts from time to time. Keep visiting our social media and our website to grab discount.

Good question. The reason behind this is to expedite and enable you to take quick actions towards your preparation and be actively involved in you studies. Procrastination or laziness will hamper your qualification.