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About us

We are on a mission to help and guide fresh students interested to join the Internal Audit field and Audit Professionals from different parts of the World, to give them a jet start and an opportunity to excel in their careers by using our e-learning platform.

To provide the best quality, we have engaged the best instructors and subject matter specialists with us.

This platform will offer relevant courses and resources in the form of videos, various audit programs, RCMs, and templates to enhance the skill set of both fresh and experienced Audit Professionals.

The best part is that the content of all courses is of high quality, exam-focused, and is quite affordable.

Mr. Hammad Ahmad is an accomplished individual with an inner drive to continuously improve his skillset and developing people around him. He began his career as an external auditor in 2010 with a Big 4 accounting firm and later he moved into internal audit where he further polished his skillset.

He is an experienced risk and controls resource having assurance and consulting mindset, required mix of leadership, technical capabilities, business acumen, and cultural understanding. He has worked with Asian and Middle Eastern businesses (Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan).

Academically, he has MBA (Accounting & Finance) and Bachelor’s degree from renowned Universities.

On the “Professional Development” front, he has done exceptionally well and has obtained a trio of Core Internal Audit Qualifications i.e. (CIA, CISA, and CFE).

His exam-focused approach is the unique attribute that sets him apart from the rest of the online/physical coaching providers.

He passed his 4-part CIA back in 2010 in just 4 months and he has been coaching the CIA course since then.

His unique teaching style has brought remarkable results for him and for his students. As a result, many of his students either are working in the internal audit field in the USA, Canada, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Pakistan or are teaching CIA. His students are dispersed across the globe, thanks to technology.

Having rich experience of both worlds (teaching/training and work), he is able to practice his examples to better illustrate and transfer concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.


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